Chennai is a metropolitan in southern India on the east coast.


Pushkar Camel fair is a great annual event that showcases lifestyle & culture of Rajasthani gypsies and cattle traders. It is said that during this 15 days festival population of Pushkar increases 4 times due to a huge inflow of visitors, specially photographers from around the world


Children & Babies

This page is dedicated to Children photography. I Love photographing the unregulated pure emotions of the infants & children.


Travel broadens your horizon and helps you to see things beyond a small bubble that most people live in. When I travel to a new place I capture natural beauty, people, culture, food & architecture. It’s really all these things that makes the soul of a place.



Street – Photography is something that I do for my own personal satisfaction. It allows me to take a peek into the life of someone, to borrow a moment of their life.